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Welcome to CUE2022-The 8th Applied Energy Symposium: Low carbon cities and urban energy systems.

Cities are rapidly getting on top of the agendas of various initiatives worldwide aimed at decreasing the cost and carbon footprint of energy products, services and activities. The demands and pressure on energy infrastructure and resources obliges city infrastructure and consumers to adapt intelligently to ensure efficient, affordable and sustainable solutions.

Developing intelligent energy solutions for resilient urban systems is a global and complex challenge which involves interdisciplinary fields. With this as theme of the conference, same as the previous serious symposiums, the CUE2022 aims to provide a premier international forum for all stakeholders including academia, industry and policy decision makers to present and share latest findings in all aspects across this domain, discussing how smart technologies and services can integrate the production and use of energy to support a more sustainable and resilient urban system.

CUE2022 is organized by the international journal, Applied Energy, Advances in Applied Energy, Applied Energy Innovation Institute (AEii) and Mälardalen University, Sweden. The event consists of three-day symposium and one-day lab/site tours for sharing the most recent progress of research RD&Ds in urban energy systems and one-day forum to engage all stakeholders for discussing how future urban energy systems can be implemented.

We are pleased to announce that the submission system for the conference proceedings of CUE2022 is open until 24 Dec 2022. Please follow the submission guideline to submit your conference paper(s) in a correct format.

Here are the submission guideline and the article template, please click to view:

Submission Guideline

CUE2022 Article Template

Please note that only full papers, which have been successfully registered, will be included in the conference proceedings of CUE2022. This is also your final opportunity to make any updates to your paper. If you don't want to publish your conference paper(s), please ignore this message.

For more detailed and updated information, please visit conference website at: If you have questions regarding this conference or submission, please feel free to contact at:

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Prof. Jinyue Yan
Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Applied Energy


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