Working Packages
• WP0 - Coordination of the UNiLAB, Organization of events and meetings
• WP1 – Conceptual framework for energy systems integration
• WP2 – Characterization of Power to X type technologies and system solutions
• WP3 - Characterization of X to power type technologies and system solutions
• WP4 – Modelling, analysis and optimization of synergies between energy networks
• WP5 – Vulnerability analysis and resilience of an integrated energy system
• WP6 - Case studies of demonstration technologies and industrial best practices

1. A partner meeting to initiate SEN UNiLAB
2. Set up communication routine and an activity plan for the year
3. Periodical webinars between partners (PhD’s to share research work among partner organizations)
4. SEN UNiLAB workshops (2 workshops per year – time and location to be decided)
5. SEN UNiLAB Blog to publish articles and a discussion forum
6. Plan for a symposium on synergies between energy networks through the Applied Energy Platform
7. Joint research grant applications
8. Researcher exchange programme among partner institutions
9. Site visits in partner countries
10. Sessions or panel(s) in ICAE conference
11. Co-authored papers
12. Annual report to summarize activities and discuss future plans

Immediate next activities
• Shared database of case studies for energy networks
• Joint funding applications
• Special Issues & Guest editors in Applied Energy (APEN)
• Newsletters
• Developing and sharing laboratory facilities among partners