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Topics (but not limited to)

Ocean energy:
  • Ocean resource potential
  • Tidal energy converters (tidal flow or water flow using turbines, sails, kites etc.)
  • Ocean thermal energy coversion
  • Wave energy converters (WECs)
  • Salinity Gradient
Wind energy:
  • Wind - onshore and offshore
  • Floating winds
  • Offshore wind power for hydrogen
Unconventional solar energy:
  • Floating solar
  • Solar power for fresh water
  • BiPV for island applications
  • Mobilized solar power module
Energy storage:
  • Renewably-powered cold storage
  • Island storage technologies
  • Mobilized energy storage
  • Virtual energy storage
Power to X:
  • Power-to-fresh water
  • Power to ice
  • Power to hydrogen
  • Power to gas (other fuels)
Waste to energy:
  • Barge-mounted waste to energy targeting clean-up of wastes in seawater
  • Island waste to energy
  • Compact waste to energy unit
Other innovative energy technologies:
  • Advanced hydrogen production from seawater
  • Electric/hybrid boats and other cleaner marine propulsion
  • Efficiency upgrades to existing desalination plants
  • Advanced water production - modular desalination and water from air
  • Nature-based coastal defenses - growing breakwaters with electrolytic mineral accretion system, and cultivation of mangroves.
  • Advanced marine aquaculture - shellfish and seagrass
  • Smart island technologies
Implementation, commercialization and financing:
  • Novel business model
  • Peer-to-peer trading
  • Capacity building for island applications
  • Implementation
  • Best practices and pilot projects


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