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For the public (excluding conference speakers or registered authors), welcome to click the below live streaming link to listen to all plenary keynote or session keynote talks live for free:


Congratulations to all award recipients

Best Paper Awards

Zhimian Hao, Magda Barecka and Alexei Lapkin
Digitalization and Optimization Boost Decarbonization: Accelerating Net Zero from the Perspective of Carbon Capture and Utilization

Liwei Zhou and Matthias Preindl
A Multi-Layer Software-Defined Architecture with MPC-VFCSS-based Power Module for High Performance Electric Vehicle Energy Conversion

Gege Wen, Catherine Callas and Sally Benson
CCSNet: A deep learning modeling suite for CO2 storage

Di Tian and Zhiguo Qu
Electrochemical condition optimization and techno-economic analysis on the direct CO2 electroreduction for flue gas

Sijia Geng, Thomas Lee, Dharik Mallapragada and Audun Botterud
Planning and Operation of Electric Bus Fleets and Their Impacts on Distribution Systems

Adam Powell
High-Temperature Electrochemistry for Climate Mitigation



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