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Please click here download program book, and welcome to click title of all keynote talks, oral presentions, and posters to watch video or view poster.

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Congratulations to all award recipients!

Best Paper Awards

Farhad Billimoria
Electricity reliability differentiation under deep decarbonization

Shiddartha Paul, Daniel Schwen, Micheal Short and Kasra Momeni
Radiation damage study of T91/Fe-Cr-Si multimetallic layered composite for generation IV reactor deployment

Juner Zhu and Martin Bazant
Mechanical safety of Li-ion batteries: physics-based models, data-driven approaches, and their intelligent combinations

Caleb Geissler and Christos Maravelias
Optimization and analysis of ethanol production with carbon capture and sequestration

Isa Ferrall, Annelise Gill-Wiehl, Serena Patel, Samuel Miles, Hilary Yu, Jodie Wu and Daniel M. Kammen
Community energy infrastructure: Point-of-service clean energy to serve the food/water/health nexus

Best Poster Award

Chengliang Zhang, Tong Xu, Gengchen Wu, Boguang Wang
Reduction in fugitive volatile organic compounds emission from petroleum refinery by leak detection and repair survey

Wei Yu and Brent Young
Process digital twins for sustainable geothermal development and management

Oi Lun Li, Lusha Qin and Sungho Lee
In situ Mg activator-based water donating hydrogenation of glucose to sorbitol

Ming Lei and Sinisa Coh
Hydrogen plasma favored modification of anatase TiO2 (001) surface with desirable water splitting performance



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