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Please view MIT A+B 2020 program online or download program book, and welcome to click title of all keynote talks, oral presentions, and posters to watch video or view poster.

If you cannot get access to YouTube, Please view this version: MIT A+B 2020 program or download program book.


Please click here to view the conference proceedings of MITAB2020


Congratulations to all award recipients

Best Paper Awards

Gustavo Vianna Cezar, Thomas Navidi, Elizabeth Buechler and Ram Rajagopal
Case study on sustainable farm electricity management

Edoardo Rossi, Benjamin M. Adams, Daniel Vogler, Philipp Rudolf Von Rohr, Benedikt Kammermann, Martin O. Saar
Advanced drilling technologies to improve the economics of deep geo-resource utilization

Xinyi Li, Ting Ma, Qiuwang Wang, Terrence Simon and Tianhong Cui
Investigation on phase-change thermal management based on a pore-scale lattice Boltzmann model

Sreedath Panat and Kripa Varanasi
Electrostatic dust removal from solar panels for enhanced operational efficiency

Kevin Tenny, Antoni Forner-Cuenca, Yet-Ming Chiang, and Fikile Brushett
Understanding physical characteristics of different weave patterns on Redox flow battery operation

Ettore Bompard, Tao Huang, Filippo Spertino, Alessandro Ciocia, Audun Botterud and Mehdi Jafari
Assessing the role of RES in energy transition: methodologies and tools

Best Poster Awards

Yangyuan Ji, Yuhang Fang, David Warsinger and Jeffrey Moran
Photocatalytic self-propelled micromotors for acceleration of advanced oxidation processes

Tiancheng Ji, Peixue Jiang and Ruina Xu
Disclosing carbon-water-cost nexus on China's road to greener shale gas via CO2-enhanced shale gas recovery (CO2-ESG)



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