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Topics (but not limited to)

  • Low carbon cities
  • Urban energy systems
  • Urban planning integrated with energy systems
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • BIPV & renewable energy applications in urban systems
  • Smart cities and microgrid
  • Smart home energy management systems
  • EV and eco-traffic
  • High-efficiency vehicle engines
  • Energy storage
  • Urban wastes to energy
  • Urban emissions mitigation
  • Low carbon and ecological city indicators
  • Distributed energy systems
  • District heating and CCHP
  • Nexus of energy-water in urban system
  • Climate change and cities
  • Policy options targeting low-carbon energy systems
  • Responses to low carbon energy transition
  • Demand side management
  • Distributed wireless sensors and power transfer
  • Big data and visualization for energy management systems


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