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The CCUS2018 final program has been released.

Click to download the final program

Session on international CCUS Project updates including:

  • Norway Full Chain CCS Project (Kari-Lise Rørvik, Gassnova)
  • Tomakomai Demonstration Project (Yoshihiro Sawada, Japan CCS Co Ltd)
  • Dunhua Oil Company’s Karamay CCUS Project (Xiaoliang Yang, World Resources Institute)
  • CO2 sequestration-EOR in Wuqi oil reservoir - Yanchang Field, China (Vahab Honari, University of Queensland)
  • Session on Australian CCUS projects including:

  • South West Hub Project (Dominque van Gent, DMIRS, Western Australia Government)
  • CarbonNet Project (Nick Hoffman, DEDJTR, Victorian Government)
  • Bridgeport Moonie CO2-EOR Project (Bruce Denney, New Hope)
  • Surat Basin Hub Project (Steve Malss, ACALET)
  • Otway Project (Matthias Raab, CO2CRC)
  • International CCUS Network updates

  • China Australia Geological Storage of CO2 (CAGS) (Andrew Feitz, Geoscience Australia)
  • European CO2GeoNet Network of Excellence & ECCSEL Research Infrastructure (Isabelle Czernichowski, BRGM)
  • Technical program including:

  • Innovation in capture technologies
  • Advances in monitoring technologies
  • CO2 pipelines and corrosion monitoring
  • Onshore and offshore basin assessments
  • Influence of fractures and faults
  • Novel CO2 utilisation technologies
  • CO2 Enhanced Water Recovery
  • CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery
  • CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery


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