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The Investment Path from the Traditional Energy Industry to New Energy Industry

The global new investment in clean energy has surged to $332 bn in 2018 from $88 bn in 2005 (BloombergNEF, 2019). We are in the middle of a global renewable energy revolution. Investments in renewables have continued to increase each year, led largely by developing countries and since 2004, the world has invested $2.9 trillion in green energy sources. Positive developments show that the renewable energy transition is possible, but advances so far are uneven across sectors. After this panel, you will get a better idea of how will technology affect new energy and the investment trend in renewable energy sector.

Ralph Hornblower III

Founder, Partner and Managing Director of Hornblower & Company, LLC

DR. Ju Li

Chair Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Montgomery Simus

Vice President of Bayat Energy

Associate, Environmental Science and Engineering - John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Moderator Ms. Lijie Zhu

Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners

Editor Forum of Energy Journal
  • Introduction of energy journals
  • Editor’s viewpoints on the future energy research
  • Trends of scholarly publications
  • Interactions among editors, reviewers, authors, and readers

DR. Jerry Jinyue Yan

Chair professor of Energy

Royal Institute of Technology

Editor-In-Chief of Applied Energy

DR. Aoife Foley

Reader of Queen’s University

Editor-In-Chief of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review

DR. Birol DindorUK

Chief Scientist of Shell

Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering

DR. Brandon Sutherland

Joule, Cell Press

Scientific Editor of Joule

Moderator DR. Alexander Slocum

Walter M. May and A. Hazel May Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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