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MR. Scott Foster

Director, Sustainable Energy

Division, United Nations Economic

Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Opening Remark

Scott Foster has been Director of UNECE's Sustainable Energy Division since 2011. With more than 35 years' experience in energy, Mr. Foster has worked extensively with governments, industry, and international organizations on energy policy, market design and regulation, and climate change strategies. Mr. Foster's particular focus recently has been assisting energy stakeholder’s address the critical challenges of sustainability, technology choice, and investment mobilization. Before founding Nomad Energy Consulting in 2004, Mr. Foster was VP of Global Regulatory Affairs with AES Corporation, Senior Director for Global Power with Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), and Senior Expert on Electricity for the International Energy Agency. Mr. Foster holds a BA from Dartmouth College, an MS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley

DR. Robert C. Armstrong

Director, MIT Energy Initiative

Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Banquet Speak

Talk: The Global Energy Challenge: What’s Ahead

The world is confronted by a two faceted energy challenge: on the one hand global energy demand is projected to grow significantly by mid-century and beyond, driven primarily by population growth and by economic growth in developing countries. At the same time, meeting the threat of climate change requires decarbonization of the entire energy system. In this presentation, I focus primarily on the power sector to illustrate addressing this dual energy/climate challenge. Two examples of major changes in generation in the power sector – shale gas and solar energy – are used to illustrate what has been done to date in growing and decarbonizing electricity system. Each of these comes with its own challenges that together help define a long term strategy captured at MIT in a set of eight low-carbon energy centers. I give examples of game changing energy technologies emerging in these areas as illustrations of what needs to be done. Finally, developing countries present a unique set of challenges associated with additional economic and other constraints. The Tata Center for Technology and Design at MITEI provides a model for what can be done in these critical regions of the world.

DR. Graham G Rong

Director of Corporation Relations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Banquet Speak

Talk: MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and How Industry and University Collaborate

Dr. Rong will introduce the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship that has cultivated innumerable scientific inventions, technological advancements and over 35,000 startups. He will also discuss the best practices of industry and university collaborations to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and business practices.


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