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Topics (but not limited to)

The Applied Energy “A+B” symposium (AEAB2019) is dedicated to the accelerated deployment of (A), and new concepts and emerging technologies for (B). For (A), reducing capital and operating costs, managing social dynamics, and minimizing environmental impact while maintaining extreme productivity are key; automation, artificial intelligence, social mobilization, governmental actions and international coordination will provide essential boosts. For (B), we seek new concepts and emerging technologies (e.g. in energy storage, superconducting transmission, etc.) that stand a chance to scale to terawatts within 30 years.

Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Renewable energy: Solar energy (A or B), wind energy (A or B), bioenergy (A or B), geothermal energy (A or B) and other renewables.
  • Nuclear energy: Shipyard constructed floating reactors (A), small modular reactors (A or B), fast reactors (B).
  • Clean energy conversion technologies: Conversion of petroleum/gas/coal to high-valued materials and chemicals (A), hybrid energy systems, such as the combination of intermittent renewable energies and nuclear heat storage for load following, chemicals/materials/fuel production (A or B), multienergy carrier energy systems (A or B).
  • Mitigation technologies: Carbon capture and sequestration (B), nuclear waste (A), solar waste (A), battery waste (A), reduced-CO2 production of cement, bulk metals and chemicals (A or B).
  • Intelligent energy systems: smart grids (A), ultra-efficient/superconducting power transmission (B), wireless power transmission (B); electrification of transportation and industrial production, such as electric cars/trucks (A or B), electrified air flight (A or B).
  • Energy storage: Pumped hydro/compressed air (A), thermal energy storage (A or B), grid-scale batteries (A or B), distributed energy storage (A or B).
  • Sustainability of energy systems: Environmental monitoring (A), social mobilization (A), consensus building (A), governmental policy making (A), international coordination (A).
  • Given the grave urgency of our mission, we ask authors to be earnest, practical and in a problem-solving mode in their presentations. Creativity will be highly valued.


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