Energy Policy

13:10-15:10, August 13

Dr. Lourdes Melgar

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Missing Link to Accelerate Energy Transition: building socio-political support in the era of post-truth


Prof. Robert Lowe

University College London

Lost Generation: System Resilience and Flexibility


Dr. Rachel Meidl

Rice University

Circular Economy, Waste Management, and the Energy Transition: Policies and Practices to Enable Sustainability and Circularity



Prof. Sarah Marie Jordaan

Johns Hopkins University



Renewable Electricity Generation and Smart Grids

15:35-17:35, August 13

Prof. Lambertus Hesselink

Stanford University

Dispatchable Solar and Wind Power Without Batteries

Prof. David Laverty

Queen’s University Belfast

Open Source Measurement Technologies for Electrical Distribution Networks



Prof. Magnus Korpås

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

How Costs are Recovered in Electricity Markets with Wind, Solar and Storage Plants: An Analytical Approach


Dr. Audun Botterud

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



18:30-20:30, August 13

Prof. Z. Jason Ren

Princeton University

Using Low-Cost Renewable Energy for Carbon Valorization


Prof. Melanie Tetreault-Friend

McGill University

CSPonD: Demonstration of a 25 kW dispatchable solar power system


Prof. Jinhui Li

Tsinghua University

Selective Recovery of Lithium from a Spent Lithium-ion Battery by Mechanochemical Induced Solid-phase Oxidation



Dr. Emre Gencer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage

8:00-10:00 am, August 14

Dr. Sergey Paltsev

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hard-to-Abate Sectors: The role of industrial carbon capture and storage (CCS) in emission mitigation


Prof. Christian Lastoskie

University of Michigan

Decarbonizing Freight Transport: Mobile Carbon Capture from Heavy Duty Vehicles


Prof. Betar Gallant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Opportunities for intersection between electrochemistry and CO2 sequestration



Prof. Hadi Hajibeygi

Delft University of Technology


Oil and Gas Decarbonization

10:25-12:25 am, August 14

Dr. Murray Reed

CEO, QLM Technology

Single-photon Lidar gas imagers for practical and widespread continuous methane monitoring


Prof. Robert Kleinberg

Columbia University

Technological Innovation and Environmental Regulation: Methane Emissions from Oil & Gas Facilities


Prof. Mark Zoback

Stanford University

Oil and Gas in the Era of Decarbonization



Dr. Drew Pomerantz



Energy Storage

13:10-15:10, August 14

Prof. Ludger Josef Fischer

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Sensible & Seasonal Thermal Energy


Dr. Said Al-Hallaj

CEO, All Cell Technologies LLC

Recent Developments in Li-ion Battery Pack Thermal Safety


Prof. Simona Onori

Stanford University

Grid-level Battery Energy Storage: Characterization of Grid Applications for Physics-Based Modelling, Design Optimization, and Technology Evaluation


Prof. Xin Li

Harvard University



15:35-17:35, August 14

Prof. Reinhard Haas

Vienna University of Technology

Prospects and Impediments for a sustainable hydrogen-based energy system


Prof. Jeffrey Reed

University of California Irvine

Prospects for Achieving a Self-Sustaining, Large-Scale Renewable Hydrogen Sector in California


Dr. Chukwunwike Iloeje

Argonne National Laboratory

Implications of power-to-gas energy storage for CO2 mitigation and enhanced energy grid flexibility



Prof. Buz Barstow

Cornell University


Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Economic Nuclear Energy


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Dr. Ashley Finan

The Director of the National Reactor Innovation Center


Ashley Finan is the Director of the National Reactor Innovation Center. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing initiatives to provide resources to reactor innovators to test, demonstrate, and conduct performance assessments to accelerate the deployment of advanced nuclear technology concepts.


Dr. Cheng Sun

Senior Staff Scientist

Idaho National Laboratory

Prof. Koroush Shirvan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Developing Healthy Innovation and Economy Ecosystem for Clean Energy


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Dr. Ralph Izzo

Chairman and CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG)


Ralph Izzo has been chairman and chief executive officer of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG) since April 2007. Mr. Izzo is a well-known leader within the utility industry, as well as the public policy arena. He is frequently asked to testify before Congress and speak to organizations on matters pertaining to national energy policy.


Prof. Michael Golay

Massachusetts Institute of Technology