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Elsevier ICAE Best Paper Awards

Eslevier ICAE Best Paper Awards are presented annually. The awards are given for the best papers published each calendar year in International Conference on Applied Energy. The awards are sponsored by Elsevier and Applied Energy.

All papers appearing in International Conference on Applied Energy, except for keynote and invited plenary papers, are eligible.

Two best winners are normally awarded to Best Paper Overall and Best Paper for Young Scientists (normally under 35).
Nomination of the best papers are recommended by the editorial board members of Applied Energy and international scientific committee of the ICAE.
By default, the editor-in-chief of Applied Energy and conference chair of the ICAE are the selection committee chairs, but either may transfer the job of selection committee chair over to someone selected from the editorial board members and/or scientific committee members if they so choose.  The selection committee chairs may appoint additional committee members if they so choose.
Exclusions to avoid conflict of interest:

  1. Papers co-authored by the selection chair(s) are not eligible. 
  2. Papers co-authored by members of the selection committee are not eligible.
  3. Papers in conflict with the selection committee chair(s) are not eligible.

The winner(s) will be announced in the website of Applied Energy journal and ICAE conference. The awards will be presented in the ICAE conference.


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